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Bitter Creek Irrigated Farm

Byron, Wyoming | County: Big Horn | 1269 Acres

Property Information

The Bitter Creek Irrigated Farm is an exceptional irrigated farm consisting of 1,269+/- acres located in the heart of northwestern Wyoming. The property has 939 irrigated acres by ten pivots. The property has good quality soils and exceptional water rights. The water on a large part of the farm is some of the earliest priority water in the Big Horn Basin.

Bitter Creek Farm is a one-of-kind farm with some of the best and most cost effective water rights available in Wyoming. Capable of growing a variety of crops with good quality soils.
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Bitter Creek Irrigated Farm is located on the outskirts of Byron, Wyoming. The relative location to other towns and cities is as follows: 8.6 miles to Lovell, 14 miles to Powell, 38 miles to Cody, and 97 miles to Billings.


Bitter Creek Irrigated Farm consists of 1,269 acres with 939 acres of irrigated lands watered by 10 center pivots of various sizes. The farm is capable of growing a variety of crops including corn, wheat, malting barley, dry edible beans, sugar beets and hay.

The farm boasts outstanding crop yields including 10-year corn average of 161 Bushels/Acre, beans average 2,900 lbs./acre, 90 bushels/acre spring and winter wheat, barley average 108 bushels/acres.


This property bosts some of the best water rights in the state of Wyoming. Sidon canal assessment is $36/acre but is offset by oil royalties paid out to all shareholders (Shoshone water right). Sidon Canal has an early state water right, oldest in the area. The farm also has a right from Bitter Creek, which is 30% of the Sidon Canal assessment annually in perpetuity. The current owner has spent many years perfecting the water rights by tying the land and water together under Wyoming water law.

The water rights are as follows:
North of Canal
522.35 acres have a June 5, 1959 Bitter Creek water right 7.46 cu.ft. per sec.
162.84 acres have a 2009 to 2011 water right off Bitter Creek, 0.53 cu.ft.per sec.

South of Canal
Shoshone River water right (Sidon Water District) 265 acres 1900 water right 11.69 cu.ft. per sec to .49 cu. ft. per sec.
These lands also have a supplemental water right from Bitter Creek November 5, 1964

The Sidon Canal delivers Shoshoni River stream flow water as part of the Bureau of Reclamation Districts Buffalo Bill Dam Water Project. The water is delivered by the district through large irrigation canals operated and maintained by the district. The Bitter Creek water rights are distributed under agreement via the Sidon Canal. All in all, it would be difficult to find a farm as well watered as this farm.


The Bitter Creek Irrigated Farm has excellent improvements, including the following:
• 1999 main home 2,454 square feet
• 2002 guest lodge 2,039 square feet
• 2011 60 X 96 main shop with concrete floor which is heated and insulated
• 1999 detached garage currently used as office
• 96,000 total bushel grain bin storage
• 2 – 9,500, 1 – 18,000, 2-29,500 bins with full drying floors
• 2018 80’ certified Scale
• 2008 built - 60 X 60 metal machinery shed


Truly one of kind farm with some of the best and most cost effective water rights available in Wyoming. Capable of growing a variety of crops with good quality soils, the farm has efficient water distribution with mostly newer center pivots and pumps. The farm has excellent production history and quality improvements making this a legacy farm investment.