The Coyote Canyon Ranch is a 329-acre deeded recreational ranch located a short 35 minute drive southwest of Colorado Springs and 100 miles south of Denver, Colorado, near the quaint small town of Florence. The ranch features all of the highly sought-after elements of a recreational ranch such as world-class hunting, close by major airport access, a seasonal creek, sweeping mountain views, total privacy, year round access, horse, ATV and dirt-bike riding trails along with a plethora of wildlife including giant mule deer, black bear, coyotes, elk and a variety of migratory birds. But this ranch is also one of Nation’s premier privately owned remote shooting facilities.

Broker(s): Eric West


The Coyote Canyon Ranch consists of 329 acres that are fully subdivided. Breakdowns is as follows: eight 35 plus acre lots and one 46-acre lot. This provides a great opportunity for future development of the ranch for improvement sites for building homes or guest cottages/cabins and acquiring water wells for each property. The subdivision of lots also makes it easy to sell individual “shares” of the ranch to family members or investment partners.


After years of searching, Coyote Canyon was found to be the perfect property with the correct geography and backstop for shooting up to 1100 meters. The owners, all either ex-military or defense industry contractors, developed Coyote Canyon with seven shooting areas that each developed specific shooting skills. They invested over $300,000 in improvements to the property including design, lay-out and installation of seven professionally engineered shooting areas each with cut in roads featuring custom fabricated armor steel targets up to 500 Burnell hardness rating to withstand up to 50 caliber bullets. Each area is unique and important in developing a well-rounded level of tactical and long-range shooting capabilities. The ranch also features a bunkhouse (aka safehouse) four oversized and secure storage lockers used for storing four gun safes, three John Deere diesel gators and a gun workbench.


The Rifle Sight-In Area is both a 100m and 200m zeroing area for adjusting rifles. This area consists of a concrete sitting bench and a prone sniper bench together with appropriate steel armor targets to facilitate dialing in sights and scopes.

Long Distance Rifle Area also features a concrete sitting bench and prone sniper bench with a covered sitting area. This area features single steel targets at 300m, 500m, and double steel targets at 700m, 900m, with triple steel targets at 1100m.

The Wind Drift Area goes out to 1000 yards featuring an 8 foot x 12 foot armor plate target specifically designed to teach the ballistics of crosswind at long-range shooting distances.

The Carbine Gunfight Area featuring seven armor targets. This range is designed to practice moving while shooting and communicating all while shifting from right to left-handed shooting.

The Ambush Area featuring a squad of seven tombstone armor steel targets. This area is designed to teach you to move and shoot at five-second intervals to avoid detection in an ambush scenario.

The 10-yard Handgun Sight -In Area with a steel tubular steel target teaches how to shoot a handgun to 100 yards at 25-yard intervals. The target is acoustically interactive.

The .22 Caliber Rifle Gunfight Area is designed to help you learn to shoot left and right handed while walking forward, backwards and sideways as tactics would dictate.


Coyote Canyon was also a notable historical ranch, playing a vital role as a coal-refueling stop for the Railroad as evidenced by the left over coal mine tailings. Geographically it also played an important role with proximity to significant uranium (Manhattan Project) and dinosaur (Bone Wars) findings. Recently, after some heavy rains, a clutch of dinosaur eggs washed up less than a quarter mile down stream of the Ranch. Although today a shooting facility, historically it was a place of Native American habitation and portions of the Ranch served as strategic lookouts for hunting activities. Many artifacts have been discovered in the surrounding areas over the years.

Whether you are a military level shooter, aspiring recreational gunman or avid hunter, you will find that this property delivers a perfect combination of value and adrenalin. It is the ultimate “Man-Cave” experience contained within the breath taking, panoramic boundary of Coyote Canyon Ranch.