Last month, posed the question to their audience: Compared to other investments, how do you best describe land as an investment?, an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is pleased to announce the February Pulse results. The informal online survey revealed that land is widely viewed as an excellent investment, compared to other investments. The results are not surprising; in a still uncertain economy, people commonly seek out safer, non-traditional ways to diversify their portfolio. Both small investors and seasoned, wealthy investors alike are making an educated decision to invest in land. Not only is land a relatively safe long term investment, but it offers folks one special thing other forms of investment like stocks and bonds cannot- enjoyment. Land owners can participate in outdoor family activities like hunting, camping, fishing and riding ATV’s, with peace of mind knowing their investment is safe and value is growing. An overwhelming 56.5% of respondents felt that land was an excellent investment.

LandThink subscribers, fans, followers and land industry professionals across the country voiced their opinion on where land stood, compared to other investments. Here’s how the results panned out:

LandThink Pulse: Land Tops Traditional Investments

  • 56.5% said land was an Excellent investment
  • 32% said land was a Very Good investment
  • 8.6% said land was an Average investment
  • 1.6% said land was a Below Average investment
  • 1.3% sad land was a Poor investment

Source: This article was published in March 2013