March 29, 2013 (CHICAGO, ILLINOIS) – Professionals in diverse segments of the land business including agriculture, timber, ranch, recreation, appraisals, auctions, farm managers, and investors were in full force at the one-and-only 2013 National Land Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 18 through 20. Presented by the REALTORS® Land Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, the best-in-the-business convened to learn, network, make deals, and have fun.

The “buzz” is that this was the best conference and is the “place to be” for land professionals. Expert speakers included world-renowned economists, a climatologist, an expert in wind and air rights, investment strategists, a mineral and gas surface use and development expert, auction professionals, timber and ranch and recreation experts, and more. The final keynote presenter, Brian Binnie, a civilian astronaut, shared his journey on SpaceShipONe.

As an attendee at the national RLI convention this year the face to face networking and discussions with peers from across the country was a wealth of knowledge everyone can carry into the remaining months of 2013. The land market continues to show incredible strength as consumers pent-up demand for real estate, goods and services is rolling along at a quick pace.

“Register for the Colorado Chapter May Marketing and Education Session”

For those of you who were not able to attend the national RLI conference we will be sharing some of this information at the Thursday May 9th, 2013 chapter meeting in Grand Junction Colorado. Register for the chapter meeting today and send in your marketing materials early. We anticipate the meeting will be as informative, energized and positive as we experienced at the January meeting.

The market information shared and received from our peers in this type of collaborative environment is truly an accurate and real-time source of information we can all extend to our clients.  Our Colorado Chapter was represented well at the National convention with more than 13 attendees. Our chapter continues to be a model chapter for RLI National in their effort to bring new chapters together across the country.  Our collective participation as Colorado chapter members is what brings it all together!

“Accomplish the ALC…It’s yours!”

A special thanks to Todd Powers of Farm and Ranch Magazine.  Their continued support and effort this year to help members achieve the ALC by sponsoring several ALC classes is a tremendous opportunity for us all.   The Colorado chapter is working on several ALC and continuing education courses to be offered by the end of the year.

The Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation is an indication of the land professional who is the most accomplished, experienced, educated, and highest performing land expert.  It requires successful completion of a rigorous education program, a proven track record of performance, and are the most trusted professionals as a result of their commitment to professionalism.  Accomplish the ALC…It’s yours!

The REALTORS® Land Institute is the professional membership organization for real estate practitioners who specialize in land transactions. An affiliate organization of the National Association of REALTORS®, the Institute provides a wide range of programs and services that build knowledge, relationships, and business opportunities for the best in the land business. Through its best-in-class LandU curriculum, the REALTORS® Land Institute confers its Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation to only those real estate practitioners who achieve the highest levels of education, experience, and professionalism.