SOLD May 18, 2017 (Spearman, Texas.) – Located in the southwestern portion of Ochiltree County of the Texas Panhandle, the Davis Brother’s Family Absolute Multi-Parcel Combination Auction is an offering of 1,280+/- acres of dryland farm ground, which also includes all of the owned minerals. The property will be offered in two surface tracts approximately 640 acres each as well as two corresponding mineral tracts. Land and mineral Buyers will have the opportunity to bid on individual tracts, combination of tracts, or buy the property in its entirety.

“Possibly the most noteworthy fact of the Davis Brothers Property auction, is that this land has been in the same family for over 100 years.” said Zurick Labrier, Broker Associate with Mason & Morse Ranch Company. Based on records of title this land has never been offered for sale since the beginning of abstracting and recorded ownership.

Both sections offered for sale are in very close proximity to multiple grain marketing locations. Spearman, Waka, Farnsworth, Perryton, and some country elevators will give the new owner several directions to market grain. The Davis family is also offering the producing minerals associated with these land tracts. The surrounding area has seen drilling activity for years and even more recently some new drilling sights have been identified in the area. It is a rare opportunity quality farmland, such as this, with the associated minerals and long ownership record is available to purchase.

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