Cobb Creek Ranch in Colorado Guffey, Colorado  |  County: Park

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The Cobb Creek Ranch has been owned and operated by the Campbell family since 1934. The ranch consists of 2,889.98 contiguous acres located in southeastern Park County about 43 miles southwest of Colorado Springs. Historically it has been used for hay production and livestock grazing. Vegetative cover consists primarily of evergreen trees, aspen groves, gamble oak, sub-irrigated meadows and grasslands. The ranch has some of the best elk and deer hunting in the area and it is common to see herds of elk from 125 to 300 head. Impressive views of Pikes Peak the surrounding mountains and rock outcroppings can be found on this beautiful ranch.


Cobb Creek Ranch is located near the small mountain towns of Guffey, Divide, and Woodland Park, Colorado. Most all major services can be found in Woodland Park, a 25 minute drive from the ranch. Canon City and Colorado Springs are approximately 50 miles away.

Assess is directly from Park County Road 71, a gravel county maintained road which passes through the eastern portion of the ranch.


Elevation ranges from about 9,280 feet on the western boundary to about 8270 feet near the south central boundary. Cobb Creek and Brooker Gulch flow through the western portion of the ranch. Several man made reservoirs are located in drainage ways through the property, and the reservoirs, along with numerous developed springs, provide adequate water for livestock and wildlife throughout the ranch. All of these springs and reservoirs are registered with the state. About 300 acres of open meadows scattered through the ranch can be, and have been. Used for hay production. Some of this hay ground can be irrigated during times of heavy run-off, but the ranch has no adjudicated water rights.


The Campbell family has owned this ranch since 1934. Improvements include a residence, cabin, barn, loafing shed, garage, and other miscellaneous sheds and corrals.


The owners report an abundance of wildlife on the property, including elk, mule deer, black bear, antelope, coyotes, mountain lion, fox, wild turkeys, and other small winter mammals. The ranch has a significant herd of elk of about 400 to 500 head during the winter, with a high count of 900. A “bachelor herd” of elk spend all summer on the ranch, as do some of the cows. A flock of about 40 wild turkeys are present on the property, as is a herd of about 30 antelope.


The ranch consists of 2,889.98 acres of which 2873.66 acres are encumbered by a conservation easement with one building envelope. The difference in acreage, 16 acres is not encumbered by the easement. The ranch does hold a Forest Service Lease located on the northern boundary for the grazing of 105 cattle from June 11 to September 30, a total of 387 AUM’s at a total cost of $816.57 in 2016. In addition the ranch operation includes a Colorado State Land Board lease covering 640 acres on the west end of the ranch. This lease allows for 120 AUM’s of grazing at a cost of $1,268.40 in 2016.

TAXES: $2,103.50 (2016)

Broker: Robb Van Pelt, Ron Van Pelt

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