The Gregory Irrigated Cropland & Pasture consists of approximately 960 acres with 583 acres of cropland with excellent creek bottom pasture along Lodgepole Creek. The property accommodates a combination crop and livestock operation with four pivots producing cash crops and three small pivots planted to grass and used along with the pasture land and backgrounding lot for stocker livestock program. The property is located just on the outskirts of Kimball, Nebraska. The improvements consist of three good metal buildings and a small feed lot. The property lends itself to both a crop and livestock production operation through direct operation or leasing one or the other of the operations for cash rental.

The cropland and grazing operations allow for a solid combined farming and livestock operation or the flexibility to cash lease either operation for outside rental income.

Broker(s): John Stratman, Buck Hottell


The farm lies in one block along the west side of Highway 71 just north of Kimball, Nebraska and consists of 960 +/-acres with Lodgepole Creek running through the center of the property. The area receives 15 – 16 inches of annual precipitation. Soils on the property range from heavier clay soils on the northern portion to lighter sandy soils on the south portion.

The acreage is as follows:
Pivot Irrigated: 460
Dryland Crop: 123
Creek Bottom & Pasture: 352
Feedlot & Bldg sites: 25
Total: 960

The pivot irrigated currently planted to corn and sugar beets lie north of Lodgepole Creek and consists of 314 crop acres under four pivots. There are three pivots with146 crop acres on the south side of Lodgepole Creek which planted to grass/hay used for grazing in conjunction with the creek bottom area and feedlot. The croplands are currently leased on a year to year basis and have excellent soil and topography with good irrigation equipment for producing high yielding irrigated crops. There is 123 acres of dryland used for winter wheat production that is estimated could be developed and irrigated by a 96-acre center pivot. Approximately 20 acres is dedicated to a small backgrounding feedlot and three metal buildings.


There are three metal buildings all in good condition on the property. A tan Morton building is located on the north boundary along a county road and used with the farm operation. An older Quonset lies on the west boundary along a tree windbreak. A Behlen building is located and used in conjunction with the backgrounding feedlot, which consists of four feeding pens made of pipe and cable with 680 ‘ of concrete bunk line with adjustable headrails. The feedlot has a sorting alley, sick pens, working tub and chute and a load out chute. The condition of the feedlot is good and allows f or a backgrounding calves or yearlings or holding over cows for feeding/calving in the winter/spring depending on your program.


The property lies in the South Platte Natural Resource District. Water allocation from wells equates to 14 inches/acre/year or 42” over three years. Currently, the property has 10” of carryover. The wells are relatively shallow.

The Nebraska Natural Resource Department permits and monitors water usage. These wells include the permitted well for the expansion of the dryland into irrigated land. The pivot/pump information and permitted wells charts are stated in the brochure (please request brochure if interested.)

TAXES: $19,403


Gregory Irrigated Farmland has excellent location and access and offers a combination of high quality irrigated cropland, dryland for additional development along with a grazing and haying operation supported a with a small backgrounding feedlot for diversity of retained ownership. The cropland and grazing operations allow for a solid combined farming and livestock operation or the flexibility to cash lease either operation for outside rental income.