The Double A Ranch was homesteaded in the 1880’s and has been managed by same person since 1974. The Wyoming ranch has a one state lease, east across Highway 131. Double A Ranch is approx. 4 miles from Lander and is contiguous from Highway 131 to Forest Boundary. For the last few years the Wyoming ranch property has run yearling, with 450 to 500 hd for 5 months and the 200 dry cows for 30-60 days, or as the snow will permit. Prior to grass operation, a 500-600 hd cow calf operation was running. Although there hasn’t been hay production in quite some time, approx. 1100 tons of hay were produced in the hay production days. The Double A Ranch has 2,400 deeded acres, 600 of which are irrigated. The Double A Ranch borders the 3-X Ranch to the South.

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