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Fall 2013 Newsletter

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Ranch &  Land Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2014

  • Threemile Creek Ranch - Sold

    Cheyenne, Wyoming - $950,000 - SOLD

    The ranch is located approximately 50 miles northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming. There are a total of 1,480 acres of deeded land, plus 160 acres of State leased land and 80 acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land, for a total of 1,720 +/- acres. The easiest access is through a neighboring ranch. Three-mile Creek which winds its way through portions of the ranch, along with several springs, creates some lush, sub-irrigated, meadows which provide an abundance of grazing and drinking water for wildlife and cattle. In addition to hunting and fishing there is plenty of land to horseback ride, hike, cross-country ski, 4-wheel, and snowmobile in the winter. Excellent Wyoming Ranch For Sale.  View Ranch Details »

  • 61 Bar Ranch In Wyoming

    Rawlins, Wyoming - $9,900,000

    The 61 Bar Ranch features 96,447 acres in one contiguous block of land situated in the Haystack Mountain Range and along the North Platte River. The ranch offers over five miles of North Platte River frontage, which is a source for irrigation, blue-ribbon fishing; and opportunities to hunt deer, elk, and antelope. This diversified ranch consists of 29,000 deeded acres, 40,960 acres of BLM, 2,960 acres State School lease, and 23,527 acres private lease. Improvements include an excellent calving/vet barn, 2,000 head permitted feedlot, working corrals, two homes and several support buildings.  View Ranch Details »

  • Prairie Center Ranch Farm Crp In Wyoming - Sold!

    Jay EM, Wyoming - $875,000

    The Prairie Center Ranch-Farm-CRP consists of 1595 acres of improved grassland located in Eastern Wyoming, approximately 25 miles north of the agricultural community of Torrington, Wyoming. The lands are planted to a mixture of grasses including smooth brome, intermediate wheatgrass, pubescent wheatgrass and alfalfa. There are no building improvements on the property. There are two center pivot irrigated farms adjoining this property that could be available for acquisition. The Prairie Center Ranch is an excellent grazing operation. Currently the property is operated in conjunction with the Dream Catcher Ranch at Harrison, Nebraska as a year round livestock combination.  View Ranch Details »

  • Sundance Ranch - Sold

    Sundance, Wyoming - $14,500,000

    Located in north eastern Wyoming under the shadow of Inyan Kara Mountain and adjacent to the Black Hills National Forest, Sundance Ranch offers a substantial holding in one of Wyoming’s most attractive locations. The property, consisting of roughly 16,750 acres with 9,754 deeded, offers a commercial scale ranching operation that will provide positive cash flow from operations. The ranch is operated by bringing in pasture cattle on a rental basis. The ranch benefits from a variety of income sources from pasture lease income, farmland crop share income and hunting fees. Historically, the ranch operated as a 500 animal unit operation. The ranch is a haven for wildlife with elk, deer (mule and whitetail), antelope, wild turkeys, grouse and others in addition to trout fishing on Inyan Kara Creek. This property has been owned by the same family since 1907 where the Smith family cared for and added to the holding over five generations. The area is highly sought after and filled with rich history including Indians, U.S. Calvary, frontiersmen, pioneer settlers, outlaws, cowboys and modern ranching operations. These and other factors make Sundance Ranch a high quality ranch holding.  View Ranch Details »