Jed Hirschi

Jed Hirschi

  • Jackson, Wyoming, USA
  • 307-690-7619
  • I remain steadfast in the traditions and principles that make me the cowboy I am today. In every hand I shake lies an opportunity to make a meaningful connection and share my passion for this way of life.

About Jed Hirschi

Born into an Idaho family deeply rooted in the ranching lifestyle, Jed Hirschi’s journey into the world of cattle and horses began before he could even walk. He has a rich and diverse background spanning over two decades in ranch management and stands as a seasoned professional with a profound connection to the land and its inhabitants. For 16 years, Jed served as the horse and cattle manager at Bartlett Ranch, a sprawling 90,000-acre operation nestled in southeast Wyoming.

Jed currently spearheads the operations of 35 Select Stock LLC, a horse breeding endeavor that he and his wife initiated. This venture was propelled by the generous bequest of horses from their former employer, the late Dr. HB “Woody” Bartlett, who passed away in 2021.

Jed brings this wealth of experience and passion for ranching to his current role at Mason & Morse Ranch Company. While acknowledging the nuances between selling property and horses, Jed emphasizes a fundamental principle: understanding the client’s needs and finding them an ideal match. As a self-proclaimed people person, he is dedicated to preserving the essence of the cowboy way while offering invaluable insights into the effective utilization of land.

With a deep-seated belief in responsible land stewardship and a comprehensive understanding of livestock, Jed is well-equipped to advise clients on optimal land utilization. A true team player, he approaches each opportunity as a chance to learn and contribute, embodying the spirit of collaboration and a willingness to lend a helping hand wherever needed. In Jed Hirschi, Mason & Morse Ranch Company gains not only a seasoned professional but a passionate advocate for the enduring legacy of the ranching lifestyle.

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