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Mason & Morse Ranch Company and our experienced farm ranch and land brokers recognize the importance of being good stewards of land. The sustainable operations of American farms, ranches and recreational lands has been a focus among our country’s farmers, ranchers and land owners since the great depression and the dust bowl era of the 1930's. Outdoor recreational enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, fishing and protection of our rivers, streams, wildlife and natural habitats alongside conservation of our country’s natural resources is a new focus for educated land owners today. There are few collections of people with a greater interest in the long-term sustainability of our lands, waters, wildlife and natural habitats than farmers, ranchers and dedicated land owners who enjoy hunting, fishing and outdoor enjoyment of their surroundings.

A Long Term Balance

A famous poet once quipped, "Nature is not a place to visit, it is home."  This quote is especially true for farmers and ranchers. Each and every day they rely on the land to support their lively hood and the natural environment for their lifestyle. More than 90% of American farms and ranches are family owned. So, the preservation of natural resources will also likely determine the success of a farm and ranch as it’s handed down to the generations to come. Caring for these resources is also like an unwritten agreement between neighbors, as the resources like water are shared. Ultimately, farmers, ranchers and land owners cannot afford to not take care of the land – it supplies their income, recreation and future dreams. Many farmers and ranchers pay extra attention to the long-term balance of natural resources related to their farmland, adjacent ranchland land and water. This is known as sustainability. The success of their farm and ranch operations depends on maintaining this balance of resources including water, nutrients and soil. With a wide range of expertise in farm, ranch, land and habitat management Mason Morse Ranch Company agents understand the importance of a sustainable balance between conservation of private lands to protect natural resources, wildlife and the long term profitability of agricultural farms and livestock ranches across the country.

Working Together

For decades, farmers, ranchers, outdoor sporting enthusiasts, and conservationists have worked together sharing their expertise on land conservation and habitat management. Mason Morse Ranch Company agents have been among them along the way.  Recently the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joined some of the largest wildlife, livestock, and natural resource advocacy organizations in the United States signing a historic “Memorandum of Understanding” between the groups. Leaders of Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, the Public Lands Council, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association came together to advance the conservation of our country’s natural resources while protecting vital wildlife habitat and biodiversity of private lands. Our agents know the territory. We’ve managed farms, ranches and recreational properties for clients as well as our own and been involved in the conservation of hundreds of thousands of acres throughout the American West. Our working relationships with farmers, ranchers, conservation groups, wildlife organizations, client education, and a commitment to ranching and agriculture in general, our services help guide today’s buyer towards ever increasing interest in land stewardship, farm ranch management best practices and conservation of our natural resources.

Facts: There is approximately 1.9 billion total acres in the continental United States, the vast majority protected by the everyday values and stewardship of our country’s farmers, ranchers and land owners who recognize the importance of managing our natural resources for future generations. .

42% | 788 million acres in pasture and rangeland for livestock. 18.5% | 349 million acres in agricultural crop land. 39% | 747 million acres in forest land. 6.1% | 139 million acres urban development

Mason Morse Ranch Company and our experienced agents recognize the importance of being good stewards of land. We take pride in helping our clients navigate the different types of stewardship opportunities that exist today for land owners. We never lose sight of our ethics, values, and principles even when the trail presents challenges. Our moral code "We live it to know it" remains our guiding connection to the land and you, the client.

Update: Ranch Land Market Report 2024