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Conservation Farm Land Ranches For Sale

Mason & Morse Ranch Company and our experienced land real estate brokers recognize the importance of being good stewards of the land and how a land owner may protect their interests at the same time. It is important for land owners to recognize a conservation easement recorded with a land trust or a government agency is a choice. Many land owners are exceptional stewards and manage their own lands without a formal conservation easement. This approach is certainly acceptable and many farmers and ranchers stay true to these values. Other land owners have made the choice to formalize their conservation principles with a recorded easement protecting the lands natural attributes and wildlife habitat permanently, beyond their tenure as owners. 

For some properties and land owners a conservation easement is the right choice to bring together the benefits of protecting the natural environment and wildlife habitat far into the future. However, not all conservation easements are equal and some may be too restrictive or designed poorly.  The goal of a quality conservation easement is for all parties involved to benefit, working together, protecting the natural resources and wildlife without negatively impacting the asset, operations or your land ownership rights now and for future generations.

If you are thinking about purchasing a property for the main reason of placing a conservation easement on the land... or the property you are considering to buy already has a conservation easement in place, you need a professional who knows what to look for in the details and has a network of individuals and agencies who understand the language and process. Our agents have helped clients buy, sell and conserve hundreds of thousands of acres across the West. "We live it to know it."