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Arizona Ranches For Sale

If you are thinking of selling your Arizona horse ranch, cattle ranch or ranch estate...or have an interest in finding one consider working with one of our southwestern ranch brokers capable of all phases surrounding Arizona ranches for sale. Combined, our agents offer more than 133 years experience in ranch real estate sales. We have the right marketing affiliations for our selling clients, an unsurpassed knowledge of horse, cattle operations and a proven track record representing buyers and sellers in Arizona ranch land for sale..."We Live it to Know it.

If you are looking for Arizona ranches for sale you have landed on the right page.  Our | territories page | offers a complete list of similar farms, land and ranches across the West.

Quick Facts About Arizona Farms Ranches and Land

  • Arizona five pillars of the state's original economy cattle, citrus, climate, copper and cotton
  • Today, agriculture in Arizona contributes more than $23.3 billion to the state’s economy
  • More than 30% of Arizona’s 20,005 farms and ranches raise cattle, totaling almost 1,000,000 head of beef and dairy cows.
  • Dairy production in Arizona provides 4.2 billion pounds of milk produced per year 205,000 cows
  • It only takes 48 Hours for milk to get from the dairy farm to the store
  • 54% of farms and ranches have been in the same family for three generations or more
  • The cowboy heritage in engrained into the Arizona horse and equestrian lifestyle. There are 177,000 Horses among 60,000 Arizona Households generating a $1.6 billion dollar economic benefit to the state

Arizona Farms Ranches Land Geography

Arizona offers a year round climate for horse equestrian enthusiasts and owners of farms, ranches and land. There are four deserts in the Grand Canyon State leading many people to believe there is no available water in the state. However, the water situation was decades ago and planned for growth and protected its water resources. The state is blessed with a network of rivers and streams among them are the Colorado, Verde, Salt, Gila, San Pedro, Santa Cruz and Little Colorado Rivers. When explorers traveled through the state in the early19th century, they found people growing corn, wheat, barley and raising cattle. Arizona’s climate provides year-round growing for hundreds of types of crops. Besides crops such as cotton, alfalfa and wheat, Arizona farmers raise numerous specialty crops. The animal industry, led by cattle ranching, dairy and dairy production, is the largest agricultural sector. Besides caring for livestock, a top priority for beef farmers and ranchers is conservation and stewarding the land, water and wildlife. Horse owners help preserve the land, ranches, larger properties, arenas and places to ride. In 2011 the Arizona legislature expanded the list of conditions for land to be classified as agricultural for property tax purposes to include land and improvements devoted to raising, boarding, training, or the commercial breeding of equine or an equine rescue facility registered with the Department of Agriculture. Arizona is a robust farm, ranch and land agricultural state with a variety of recreational opportunities for equestrian and horse enthusiasts.

Update: Ranch Land Market Report 2024