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Forest and Timberland For Sale

Forest properties and timberland for sale are relevant searches when looking for large tracts of land with agricultural timber production, abundant natural resources, wildlife habitat and both may offer a variety of recreational uses.  This type of land is also associated with various conservation programs benefiting owners and the natural environment. When searching for land these are two very different types of properties however. Timberland is an area of land covered with forest or a specific crop of trees suitable for managed timber production and commercial value. Timberlands are managed to supply a sustainable source of wood. Lands that are harvested today are reseeded very quickly to begin a new crop typically 20-25 years depending on species.  Timberlands main purpose as an investment is production of a crop and generating income. Forest land is typically a term used for land with a diverse ecosystem suitable for the growth of trees and underbrush. These lands can be privately owned or in many cases reserved as national forest lands for public use.  Forest land is defined in the United States as land that is one acre or greater in size and has at least 10% tree cover, or formerly had such tree cover and is capable of re-growing those trees. Many areas in the Pacific Northwest such as Oregon are managed forest lands, but do not have trees because they have been harvested. The land is still suitable for growing trees and are defined as forestland.  

These properties represent a variety of timberlands and forestlands with a range of income and abundant recreational uses. If you don't see what you are looking for send us a message and we will find it for you. "We live it to know it."

Update: Ranch Land Market Report 2024