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Begin your search for real estate listings of farms, land, ranches for sale featuring cattle ranches, grazing land, horse equestrian properties, farmland for sale, hunting land, fly fishing properties, timberland, forest property, ranchettes and luxury country estates.

Mason & Morse Ranch Company broker services extends from the the Carolinas to the scenic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, across the plains of South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, into the Southwest of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and west towards California and Oregon.

Use the search and filter bar at the top of this page to browse through our exclusive inventory of farms land and ranches for sale by type, state, region, acreage, price and keyword. As you narrow your search criteria sort by location, size, price and recently updated property information.

Find large ranches for sale, luxury ranches for sale, working ranches for sale, farmland for sale, recreation and conservation lands below. Browse farm land ranches by type, state, region, acreage, price and keyword. As you narrow your search criteria sort by location, size, price and recently updated property information.

And if you just can't find the perfect farm land or ranch for sale you are looking for | contact us | with your investment requirements and we will go to work to find it for you.  "We live it to know it."

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Farm Ranch Land Real Estate

Mason & Morse Ranch Company specializes in ranches for sale. Across the country our agents know the value of owning a ranch as a real estate investment. When buying a ranch or selling a ranch, our Associate Brokers “Live it to know it”. Below find active farm ranch hunting lands and fishing properties for sale. Sort, filter and compare active listings of farms for sale and ranches for sale with our list of similar sold ranches. 

Whether you’re looking for a farm or cattle operation in the West or you want to own a productive farm ranch internationally our farm ranch land experience professionals can help you find the biggest and best ranches for sale that fit your goals.

Our searchable inventory of listings include working legacy ranches or the more urban lifestyle and luxury ranches giving you the opportunity to own a second home as a get away, outdoor recreation or investment property to diversify your agriculture and land portfolio.

Location and Characteristics

Each of our active ranches for sale locations has its own special characteristics. Working farms and ranches from the bluffs of the Nebraska Sandhills, across the rolling hills of the Kansas Flint Hills and south through Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle is the heart of America’s farming and ranching. New Mexico and Arizona may be dry desert climates but the natural beauty, large ranches and passion for cattle, rodeo horse equestrian sport is among its unique features. Ranches for sale in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana offer buyers the investment into America’s most scenic ranch land properties in the country. Find luxury ranches in the rocky mountains and across the west here. Each region offers a different type of land and uses for agricultural business or recreation. Productive timberland in Oregon for sale brings together all of the locations serviced by Mason Morse Ranch Company.

When selling a ranch sellers already know ranches are unique, no two are the same. This means that every buyer purchases a place with its own unique footprint and story to share.


Browse our ranches for sale to find the ideal property topography and setting. From rolling grasslands to flat irrigated farmland and the scenic beauty of high-elevation mountain ranges, our associate brokers keep an eye out for properties and the right locations to exceed your interests. Our select selling clients offer rich spaces in the lowland elevations that look up toward breathtaking scenic mountain ranges for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. Other sellers offer the working ranch life above it all, looking across productive grassland, lush irrigated valleys, rivers and streams below. Whatever type of geography you may seek, our experienced brokers can match you to a property that’s a perfect fit.


Climate is a major factor when it comes to finding the right ranch for sale. While this decision will in part be determined by your overall goals for the land (relaxation, profitable farmland, or another business endeavor), the ranch climate is an important and personal choice when it comes to land acquisition. Farms Ranches offer sprawling spaces in every climate.  Find a cozy ranch getaway in the rocky mountains or enjoy the heart of America across the Midwest farmlands. Whatever your needs may be, turn to our specialized farm and ranch land brokerage services.

Natural Resources

For investors looking to find profitable avenues from their farmland, ranchland or timberland, each property comes with multiple natural resources that offer potential revenue. Spaces filled with trees offer an introduction into the timber and forestry industry. Ground water, natural springs and productive agricultural land can be a consistent revenue stream. These opportunities allow landowners to find sustainable practices that remain profitable for years to come.

Wildlife Species

We offer ranches for sale across America and internationally. The accompanying wildlife varies greatly alongside the land. Livestock, productive crops and a variety of animal species from birds to big game can be found on and migrating through farms and ranches for sale. For recreation natural wildlife is a must and for growing crops or raise cattle, the effects of nearby wildlife are an important consideration. Wildlife on a ranch for sale can include small animals and big game for hunting or a variety of wild birds.

Some examples of wildlife species that can be found on our ranches for sale properties include:
  • Whitetail deer
  • Elk
  • Bears
  • Bobcats
  • Mountain lions
  • Coyotes
  • Javelina
  • Turkeys
  • Grouse
  • Hungarian partridge
  • Quail
  • Pheasant
  • Rainbow trout
  • Other small animals and birds

Business Opportunities

Beyond farming and cattle operations or timber production, these listed properties for sale provide a variety of other business opportunities for landowners who are seeking ranches for sale. Many of our ranches provide exciting spaces for equestrian activities, sporting property with unique terrain for fishing or hunting, and investments in sustainability like wind farming or solar energy collection. A single ranch for sale can be used for multiple activities. Additionally, your property can be adapted seasonally, making it a versatile investment.

If you’re looking for ranches for sale, chances are that you’ve considered the recreational possibilities afforded by the ranch lifestyle. Whether you want a personal getaway or the change to create an exciting attraction for visitors, potential recreational activities include:
  • Guided hunting and fishing
  • Guest ranching
  • Water skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Golfing
  • Camping
  • Downhill skiing
  • Horseback riding
  • Off-road recreational vehicle use
  • Bird watching
  • Big game hunting
  • Fishing
  • Bird hunting
The Mason & Morse Ranch Company Team

Our professionals can help you to find a ranch for sale and complete a purchase seamlessly. Our farm and ranch land team is composed of brokers who have specialized knowledge in working ranches, dryland and irrigated farms, timberlands, horse and equestrian properties. Additionally, our established international network connects each client with the most qualified landowners and investors globally.
Our unparalleled reach offers access to the most exclusive ranches for sale across the country. Our experienced brokers know the lifestyle and offer deep knowledge of the investment value of each property. Allow our partnerships and experience to do the legwork for you.

Buying a farm, ranch, or recreational property is much more than a simple purchase. Our professional real estate brokers know that investing in natural spaces is about new beginnings. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace when it comes to your personal time, you want to expand your business horizons by capitalizing on your investment or diversifying your portfolio, or you are ready to build a new family legacy, Ranch Lands has you covered. Our professional real estate ranch brokers will offer the hands-on assistance you need, while encouraging you to discover a space that can be uniquely yours. 

Buying or Selling a Ranch…Lets work together

Our associate farm ranch land brokers have the connections and knowledge you need. They'll ensure that your investment can yield the profit or life’s experiences you expect. Let’s share and enriching conversation to detail the stories of the land, as well as the functional aspects of your properties criteria and characteristics. We offer superior client service, and we’ll be with you through every step of the purchase process, so you can focus on your next step forward. And if it’s time to sell we know how to market your properties finest qualities to match the right buyers.

We Live It To Know It

At Mason & Morse Ranch Company we still enjoy horse and saddle for the experience and connection with the land, but when it comes to helping clients buying or selling farms, ranches and recreational properties we are equipped with today’s modern technology; UTVs, Aerial drones, high resolution cameras, and global positioning virtual maps. Our digital marketing through our SEO websites and social media networks are at the top of the list. Technology may be your best marketing investment but we don't leave out important media channels like national print publications, industry events, peer to peer networking, live television appearances and our personal database of qualified high net worth individuals and institutions.

Land ownership is much more than a simple transaction leading to a name on a deed. For those that call farms, ranches, and rural country estates their very own, land ownership enhances a sense of connection with nature and America’s history of land ownership. large farms and large ranches have been part of America's agricultural history.

Whether the land is purchased to be used as a working cattle ranch, a productive agricultural farm or acquired as open space where recreation hunting fly fishing or conservation is a priority, land ownership is an expression of a lifestyle that promotes a sense of freedom. 

Here at Mason & Morse Ranch Company, we’re passionate about connecting buyers looking to capture the essence of an outdoor ranch recreational lifestyle with quality rural farm, ranch land properties. Find ranches, and farms that check every amenity box on the list. Our professional real estate brokerage team brings extensive experience to the business of helping our clients find the best properties that fit their needs and helping sellers showcase their life’s work when it’s time to sell. If you are looking for a farmland,  small ranchettes or the biggest ranches in America we know where to find them. 

Experience Put into Practice Through Farm Land Ranch Sales

Whether our customers are looking for scenic Colorado, Wyoming, Montana ranches for sale, hoping to find that Oregon timberland and recreational hot spot, or have set their sights on buying farms and ranches in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico and Texas , our team puts boots on the ground and experience into practice for the benefit of every customer we work with. We bring an authentic passion into the process of helping buyers locate just the right ranches for sale across the American West.

We realize that while our buyers have requested we help start the search, those looking to sell their ranches are often hoping for professional assistance that’s paired with a sense of authenticity and knowledge. Having an understanding and objective professional at your side can help make the process seamless.

Acquiring farm and ranch land is drastically different from more traditional real estate services. The team at Mason & Morse Ranch Company can focus on helping customers navigate these specialized asset types because we have personal experience with the land and lifestyle ourselves.

Our team works hard to make sure that prospective buyers enjoy comprehensive assistance finding just the right place to call their own whether they’re looking for Wyoming ranches for sale or prefer buying Oregon ranch timberlands for sale. From Colorado ranch land to sprawling ranches for sale in Oklahoma or Texas ranches, we’re dedicated to delivering up impressive search results along with telephone conversations and boots on the ground tours helping buyers get one step closer to their dream.

Mason & Morse Ranch Company credentials carry weight in the industry and peers respect our values and cowboy ethics. Those that partner with us enjoy access to a ranch company that boasts more than 133-years of combined agent experience finding and help purchasing quality farms, land, and ranches for sale that enhance the lives and investments of our clients.


A Versatile Ranch Real Estate Brokerage

Customers come to Mason & Morse Ranch Company with a variety of motivations in mind and we have the professional insight to help in every scenario. While some of our customers are looking for Colorado ranch land, others are on the lookout for land for sale across Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and even Oregon that provides a place to enjoy the best of fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation.

Purchasing land is never a one-size-fits-all process. Our professional staff understands the highly personal nature of finding land to fit your lifestyle and works across a wide spectrum of properties to fit customer purposes.

Those that partner with us to turn dreams of ranch ownership into a reality will be privy to a world of potential when it comes to accessing land for sale. Ranch Land specializes in connecting buyers with cattle ranches and farmland as well as timberland, ranchettes, and guest ranches.

Those that are looking for recreational land for sale that would be ideal for fishing and hunting will enjoy a long lineup of options through our listings brokerage services. Similarly, we cater to customers hoping to purchase land for horse and equestrian practices.

Sometimes customers come to us in pursuit of land purchases that will simply add luxury to their lifestyle. When this is the case, we can help too! We put our passion and knowledge to the test to bring visions of prosperity on ranches across the American West to life.

A Professional Approach to Selling

Just as there are many reasons to buy ranch land, farms, and recreational areas, there is a long list of reasons to sell. Putting a specialized property up on the market can be an emotional journey that many sellers find daunting.

Farm ranch and land ownership are often woven into family histories, and it can be difficult to tackle the prospect of selling land independently. Whether you’re looking to sell for profit, expand business operations, or any other reason, our professional agents make the process stress-free and seamless from start to finish.

While we’re fluent in the many decisions that need to be put in place to create a successful sale process, we’re also aware that sellers are looking for qualified buyers that will continue to care for the land they purchase.

At Mason & Morse Ranch Company, our 133-years of experience gives us the insight to know when buyers, sellers, and the land at hand are good matches for a prosperous future. We take the time that’s needed to make sure every sale results in success for both parties involved.

Ranches for Sale Across the American West

From ranches in Nebraska to recreational land for sale in Oregon, Mason & Morse Ranch Company works across the American West to connect buyers with sellers in a specialized marketplace. Our passion for farm, ranch land real estate brokerage stems from a personal connection to the land and we put our enthusiasm to work tirelessly to create successful sales across the map.

When you’re considering buying or selling land, it’s important to partner with the best farm, ranch land specialists. Let our legacy of excellence work benefit you by reaching out today and learning more about our many brokerage and auction services and how we can help you.

If you are ready to buy or if it's time to sell, we put our working boots on for you. Experienced, trusted, committed, our team of agents will deliver exceptional service and our marketing will showcase the stories and values behind America’s greatest treasure…your farm, ranch or recreational land.

Our territory stretches from coast to coast across the U.S. from the Carolina’s to Oregon. Across the Midwest, Plains, Rocky Mountains and the Southwest. Our buyer representation and seller marketing services throughout the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and New Mexico are available for you. Additionally, we have assisted clients navigating transactions in Canada and across the southern border into Mexico and into South America.

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