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Farm Land Ranch Auctions

The auction method of selling a farms, ranches or recreational land is one of the oldest forms of transferring property. When Mason & Morse Ranch Company brokers and auctioneers evaluate an appropriate sales strategy for farms, ranches and land of various sizes and uses the auction method of marketing has often been considered to be advantageous. Over the last several decades several variations of the auction method have been developed ranging from a traditional single parcel land auction to multi parcel auctions and complex multi-parcel combination auctions where bidders determine the specific combination of tracts that work for them. Mason & Morse Ranch Company takes many factors into considerations before taking a property to auction. Motivation, timeline, property characteristics, market conditions, appropriate auction method, a seller's understanding of the auction methods and previous auction experiences help determine if the seller and property are a good candidate for this type of sales approach.  The auction method is widely used in the rural land industry today from state to state. Mason & Morse Ranch Company has auctioned millions of dollars in properties ranging in size from 160 acres to more than 20,000 acres using various auction formats.