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Cattle Ranches For Sale

Mason & Morse Ranch Company real estate brokerage specializes in the sale of cattle ranches and ranchland properties throughout the West. Our brokers "Live it to Know it." If you don't see what you are looking for send us a message and we will find it for you.  

A cattle ranch is an area of land, including various improvements, given primarily to the practice of ranching. In the western United States, many cattle ranches are a combination of privately owned land supplemented by grazing leases on adjacent publics lands controlled by the Federal Bureau of Land Management or the United States Forest Service. Grazing animals such as cattle and sheep most often applies to livestock operations. Some ranching operations include Bison, Elk and other specialty animals. Cattle and livestock ranches may also engage in a limited amount of farming, raising crops for feeding animals, such as hay and feed grains. Cattle ranches and land owners are the largest single segment of American agriculture. More than 1 million cattle producers in the U.S. are responsible for more than 94 million head of beef cattle.  With all of that livestock to manage, the cowboy way of life is still essential to American society. Mason & Morse Ranch Company specializing in cattle ranches for sale across the West. Begin your search below and if you need a real estate broker professional who lives it to know it, give us a call or send us a request.  

Buying a Cattle Ranch

There’s a significant capital investment when owning a cattle ranch. When you’re talking about raising beef, land is the largest upfront cost and large viable, well managed ranches with value capable of economic scale are becoming increasingly difficult to find as our population grows. There are cattle ranches across the country, in all 50 states, with vastly different climates and a wide variety of resources available. The type of operation, breed, weather factors and geography all contribute to the uniqueness and versatility of cattle ranches where livestock are raised. For example, cattle ranches for sale in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and across the Southwest are going to be managed in different way than cattle ranches for sale in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming and Montana. Climate, elevation, weather, grass and breed differences all impact the types of facilities that are most beneficial on each individual ranch. The grazing lands used by cattlemen and women can be privately owned or leased from the government. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) estimates that 300 million acres of open space, primarily in the West, has been preserved by public ownership. BLM has designated this public land for multiple activities that support national interests, including grazing beef cattle. Commonly called “public lands ranching,” cattle ranchers lease the land from the government for grazing and, at the same time, commit to caring for the land in an effort to preserve it for the future. Grazing cattle on public lands means cattlemen and women play an important role in protecting public landscapes, both by enhancing ecosystems and by keeping much of this land safe from degradation.

Quick Facts About U.S. Cattle Ranches

  • Range and pasture lands are located in all 50 states. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, livestock grazing is the primary use of an estimated 614 million acres of permanent grassland, pasture and rangeland, which accounts for 27 percent of all U.S. land and 60 percent of all agricultural land
  • 78% of beef farmers and ranchers intend to pass their operation on to future generations
  • 58% of operations have been in the family for three generations or more
  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) estimates that 300 million acres of open space, primarily in the West, has been preserved by public ownership of grazing cattle and livestock lands
  • Top five states in number of cattle and ranches Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado

Update: Ranch Land Market Report 2024