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Dedicated to service representing real estate clients in an ethical and honest relationship selling farms, ranches, and recreational properties. Our approach balances innovative marketing strategies, "Live It to Know It" experience, with a genuine passion for the land and outdoor lifestyle.  Our brokers understand each property brings with it a unique set of characteristics that add value to the property, benefit agricultural operations and create enjoyment of use.

Deciding to sell your farm land or ranch that has been part of a family legacy is a serious financial and emotional decision. Our brokers "Live It to Know It" and that means we have sat at the same family table working out the various estate decisions needed to sell property or transfer equity from one generation to the next.  It's not easy and can take a lot of communication. Therefore, rest assured when working with one of our brokers we understand the value of your property but also the financial and emotional impact it may have on all family members.
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Marketing Tools

In today's technology driven global environment, as a seller, you have a lot of marketing choices. It's important to remember high quality imagery, aerial drone videos and fancy websites are just tools of the trade and will only help advertise your property. If you want to successfully sell your property you deserve more. You need boots on the ground experience, a team of professionals that inherently understand the value of your property and the lifestyle you live. Mason & Morse Ranch Company brings all the tools of the trade together with experienced farm, land ranch brokers. Our agents have global company support from our technology team, search engine optimization specialists, GIS mapping professionals and national marketing director that handle website and social media advertising, television production, digital online videos, print magazine, direct mail and custom advertising related to your property. From search engine optimization to efficient, leveraged media buys, direct mail campaigns that reach the qualified buyer, we emphasize quality timely work and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for our clients. Execution of your marketing campaign will be both an art and a science. From development of a marketing campaign to post sale analysis reporting we will focus on exceeding your expectations.

Sales Methods

A seller needs to have all the information about the various sales methods available to them before making an informed decision about selling. The majority of our farm, ranch and land real estate listings are sold traditionally using an exclusive agency or transaction broker arrangement between the seller and Mason Morse Ranch Company. This process is well known and gives the seller the most control over the selling price and details of listing contract. The contractual timing and terms of a sale is a negotiation between buyer and seller facilitated by your Mason Morse Ranch Company agent.  Alternatively, our various auction methods allow the seller different control measures during the sales process. An auction is a time specific event and allows the seller to set the sales date, determine escrow amount, and pre-qualify buyers doing away with contingencies that sometimes can otherwise put traditional contracts in jeopardy of falling out of contract. The seller does not set the price however and allows the market to determine what the property should sell for. Most auctions average about a 120-day time period from the start of planning the auction to closing the sale. Mason Morse Ranch Company marketing focuses on driving enough participants to the auction creating a competitive bidding environment to maximizing price.

Trusted Experience

Farms, ranches and recreational lands are as personal to us as they are to you. Our professional real estate brokers understand that selling a farm, ranch or recreational property is more than just a simple buy and sell or 1031 exchange. It is about new beginnings and past heritage, a lifestyle change, building a new family legacy or a transition from one generation to the next. It's about capitalizing on your investment or diversifying your portfolio. When you need a professional real estate land and ranch broker who will share their hands on experience we take the right steps to ensure that you’re getting the best for you.  Combined our agents bring together more than 133 years of experience. Each Mason Morse Ranch Company agent brings an authentic background to the relationship with agricultural roots, animal and land management history farming, ranching, hunting, fishing, horse equestrian and guided adventures. Our agents work together to facilitate your listing and sales contract, qualify buyers, coordinate showing activities, contract negotiations and closing. Mason & Morse Ranch Company is a trusted brand in farm, ranch and recreational real estate sales across the country. Our company culture is bred from a foundation of cowboy ethics, trust and hard work. We're ready to go to work for you when you are ready to sell.

Our marketing services take special consideration of the characteristics and attributes of the land, improvements, natural resources and family structure when working for you. Our team is committed to investing in you and meeting the goals of your real estate transaction.

We still enjoy the saddle for the experience and connection with the land, but when it comes to buying or selling farms, ranches and recreational properties we're equipped with today’s modern technologies; UTVs, aerial drones, high resolution cameras, GPS, virtual maps and social networks. Technology may be your best marketing investment but we don't leave out important media channels like national print publications, television and peer to peer networking.

Mason & Morse Ranch Company employs more than 20 professional land brokers and staff with real estate licenses across 13 states. More than $2.0 billion dollars of land marketed and 1.2 million acres sold in the US. Our services are 100% dedicated to the land and land owners.

Print Media Publications

As a company, we believe in delivering a marketing advantage to our clients when buying or selling land. Our digital media websites, online videos, newsletters, social media posts, and farm & ranch articles of interest rank high among top search engines and viewership across the internet. In addition, Mason Morse Ranch Company has developed exclusive relationships with America's most recognized high-end media publications around the country. When working with a client we routinely use high quality print media to advertise property. You now can receive a complimentary issue upon request... compliments of Mason Morse Ranch Company.

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