Carbon Peak Ranch in Colorado

Gunnison , Colorado | Carbon County | 1452 Acres

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Carbon Peak Ranch is a spectacular sporting ranch property in the Ohio Creek Valley of Gunnison County. With 1,452+/- acres, the ranch lies at the base and includes part of Carbon Peak with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The property is flanked by the Anthracite Range and the Whetstone Mountains and the nearby “Castle Mountains” perched within the West Elk Wilderness Area. The ranch features nearly a mile of Carbon Creek, a trout fishery that is heavily lined with willows and beaver ponds. Carbon Peak Ranch grades upward from its bottomland pastures and irrigated meadows into sagebrush uplands, aspen groves and dense stands of pine timber. The property has historically been a working ranch and is primarily now used for a variety of recreational pursuits and summer livestock grazing. The property is enhanced with ample irrigation and stock water rights along with numerous natural springs. Wildlife flourish on the property including mule deer, elk, moose, bear, sage and blue grouse as well as a variety of small animals such as beaver, badger and coyote. From a sporting ranch perspective, Carbon Peak Ranch is a mountain recreation mecca well suited for hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, biking, snowmobiling and 4-wheeling. The property is unimproved other than water developments, fences, corrals and an old residential site. There is plenty of open space on Carbon Peak Ranch for peaceful reflection and renewal, family outings or pure outdoor fun. The sheer beauty of the area with its mountain setting and views are true Colorado Rocky Mountain splendor.

Carbon Peak Ranch is an open slate for your dream – from a private hunting and fishing property to a place for outdoor family gatherings or a serene private personal retreat location. Opportunities to own easily-accessible property of this size with diverse recreation values and income are rare and come about generationally in the Gunnison/Crested Butte region of Colorado.
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The property is located approximately 18 miles north of Gunnison, at the upper end of the historic Ohio Creek Valley. Carbon Peak Ranch ranges in elevation from 8,500 to nearly 10,000 feet. Mountain pastures, upland sage, aspen groves and pine forests converge to form a variety of excellent wildlife habitats that support a large percentage of wildlife found in the Rocky Mountains. Carbon Creek, a mid-sized willow lined fishery, flows out of the surrounding mountain ranges and through the property for approximately a mile.

The property is a mere 20-minute drive north of Gunnison and can be easily accessed from Highway 135 north of Gunnison by taking County Road 730 for 12 miles and then taking the right hand fork onto County Road 737 for another 2 miles to the beginning of the property. Except for the county road, no other public access exists thru the property.


Gunnison County lies in the heart of Colorado’s “Western Slope.” Public Lands make up much of this large county, limiting the opportunity for ownership of deeded lands. Properties sometimes become available generationally, as is the case of the Carbon Peak Ranch, parts of which have been family-owned for over 80 years. Ranching and western traditions run deep in Gunnison where “Cattleman’s Days”, the longest continuous running rodeo in the USA, has been a community tradition since 1900.

As is the case for many mountain properties, silver, gold and coal mining were prevalent and an abandoned mine site lies on the property allowing one to peer back into the history of early day mining. Gunnison County is a central hub for outdoor recreation with numerous opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, birding, camping, biking, skiing, boating and windsurfing, to name a few.

Gunnison is the county seat and home to Western State College, Gunnison Valley Health Hospital and Gunnison County Airport, with its all weather 10,000-foot runway offering various flights to major airports. The nearby Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Colorado offering a multitude of water recreation activities. Crested Butte also lies within the county and has acclaimed national status as a destination resort, both summer and winter. A good portion of West Elk Wilderness lies in Gunnison County and is accessible for world class hiking and camping. Ohio Creek remains relatively undisturbed from development due to many conservation protected ranch properties in the valley.


Carbon Peak Ranch contains approximately 1,452 acres of mostly upland mountain lands consisting of grass pastures, upland sage, aspen groves and pine forests together with irrigated and sub-irrigated lands, willow-lined streams and beaver ponds. The ranch has a variety of springs and ponds that provide water to livestock and wildlife. There is approximately 44 acres of irrigated meadow pasture that serves to enhance grass production and create productive habitat for a variety of big game, birds and small animals. Ample irrigation and spring water rights allow the owner to irrigate the fields. There are four ditch rights being Carbon Ditch, Kubler Ditch, Cabin Ditch and Owens Ditch on the property. These ditches are in active use and have recently been enhanced with diversion improvements and new measuring devises. There are multiple spring filings across the property which along with the irrigation rights give the property excellent water resources.

The agricultural attributes consist of a grazing lease to a local cattleman who runs 220 to 240 head on the property during the summer grazing season. The agriculture lease ensures the property has agricultural status necessary to maintain a lower tax rate.


Recreationally, the property offers the opportunity for family enjoyment along with big game hunting, trout fishing, exploring its natural wonders of wild flowers, birding and wildlife watching or as a personal retreat for peaceful renewal. As a sporting property, the ranch offers excellent big game hunting for elk, mule deer and bear together with trout fishing through the summer and fall months. Other recreation pursuits may include ATV adventures, mountain biking, backpacking and horseback riding. Winter recreation opportunity includes snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Hiking on Carbon Peak and the surrounding peaks provides unlimited opportunity.


The elevation range is extensive and combined with the terrain variation from creek bottoms up through heavy sage to Aspen and Pine forests, the ranch provides excellent habitat for big game species. The property lies in Hunting Unit #54 and allows for excellent trophy quality hunting for elk, deer and bear via archery, muzzle and rifle. Should the land owner want to register the property into the land owner’s preference program, the 1,452 acres will qualify for two applications.

Bull Elk scores of 300 to 320 for bulls 4.5 years of age are obtainable. The highly coveted 1st. rifle Elk Draw with 0 points will get you a bull tag. All other seasons bull tags are over the counter.

Mule Deer (typical) in the 180 – 220 score range have been taken in this immediate area. Three years ago, a bowhunter took a non-typical mule deer off the National Forest in the immediate area that scored 267.
2nd rifle 0 points 87% chance of drawing. 1 point will always draw.
3rd rifle 0 points 13% chance, 1 point 33% chance, 2 points you should draw.
4th rifle due to the winter kill they only offer 5 tags so little chance of drawing until the herds come back.

Bear have always been prevalent in the area although not in large numbers, but like the statewide population they seem to be increasing here as well. Last season a monster bear was taken with an estimated weight of 600 pounds.


Fishing is available in Carbon Creek for Brook and Rainbow Trout. The creek is a prime candidate for fishery enhancement. The available irrigation rights provide an important means to enhance the Carbon Creek fishery and construct water features. The opportunity for steam enhancement and restoration projects will enrich the fishery and provide habitat for larger fish. Natural vegetation line the creek, water flow is strong and the temperatures stay very cold. There are beaver ponds on the creek and the course of the creek offers varying degrees of slope.


Carbon Peak Ranch is an open slate for your dream – from a private hunting and fishing property to a place for outdoor family gatherings or a serene private personal retreat location. Opportunities to own easily-accessible property of this size with diverse recreation values and income are rare and come about generationally in the Gunnison/Crested Butte region of Colorado. Carbon Peak Ranch represents a fine sporting property with a multitude of recreation options. The blend of agriculture and recreation create a true western feel and the scenic beauty is true Colorado splendor.

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