Muddy Creek Farm and Ranch

Riverton , Wyoming | Fremont County | 2530 Acres

Property Information

The Muddy Creek Farm and Ranch is located in the Muddy Creek Valley in northern Freemont County and 25 miles northwest from Riverton, Wyoming. The area is well known as a feed production area in Wyoming due to plentiful water supplies, productive lands and mild and open winters. The Muddy Creek Farm and Ranch is a large irrigated farm operation with a secondary livestock operation comprising 2,530 acres. The principal crops grown are alfalfa hay, corn silage, malting barley and corn for grain. The farm is in an excellent state of cultivation and the improvements are exceptional. The property is well fenced and is capable of handling livestock with facilities in place for handling, feeding and watering cattle. Additionally, the area is rich in wildlife and the property is home to whitetail and mule deer, pheasants along with a plethora of other wildlife.

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The acreage breakdown is as follows:
Irrigated - 980 acres
Rangeland - 1,550 acres
Total - 2,530 acres

The irrigated lands are primarily pivot irrigated (660 acres) and flood irrigated (320 acres). The irrigated lands are serviced by Midvale Irrigation District.

Formed in 1921, Midvale manages a 400 mile-long system of canals and laterals known as the Riverton Unit of the Bureau of Reclamation, delivering irrigation water to over 73,000 acres of irrigable classed lands in Central Fremont County, Wyoming. The District`s water supply is derived from the Wind River and its tributaries, a portion of which is stored annually in Bull Lake and Pilot Butte Reservoirs; facilities also managed by Midvale. Local farmer/irrigators comprise a 5 member Board of Commissioners whom provides direction and establishes the policies under which the District is operated in order to fulfill Midvale’s stated objective to: "Provide the maximum amount of available water to the District`s constituents at the lowest reasonable cost each year."

Midvale delivers water to the farm at a head gate from its canal system. Midvale has ditch riders that ensure proper delivery of water.

Five center pivots irrigate the 660 acres and gated pipe and siphon tubes irrigate the remaining flood irrigated ground. The annual cost of the water is about $17.80 per irrigated acre or $17,444/year. Annual real estate taxes are $8,500 per year.


Muddy Creek is currently being operated as an alfalfa and grain operation together with a livestock operation. Aftermath feed and the rangeland make the livestock operation possible (approx. 200 mature cows and calves have been carried on the ranch with supplemental feed). The farm could be operated strictly for cash commodity production leaving the aftermath feed to enhanced wildlife habitat or to rent to a livestock operator.

The area has capable tenants available to rent on a crop share basis as well operators from outside the area whom would be interested in a turnkey cash lease of land, buildings and improvements.


The farm is adequately improved to handle labor, machinery and livestock with three homes, two shops, other outbuildings and a small feedlot and corrals.

Main Home – This 2,000 square foot main level and partial basement has been extensively remodeled (2011) to provide a custom built feel. The home provides three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and kitchen with granite, tile and alder cabinets. The flooring is mostly tile and the home has many wood accents and upgraded features. Shop #1 is at this location.

Secondary Home -A new 1,750 square feet home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Modular -2006 Commander upgraded construction with 1,500 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Shop #2 is at this location along with secondary corrals.

Shop #1 - 95x50 metal shop, half with concrete floor.

Shop #2 - 40x80 new metal shop with 14’ main door and two other overhead doors.

Farm feedlot - Concrete feed bunks, automatic waters, alleyway & processing chute, windbreaks and treed creek bottom with live water. Additional pen space is being installed.

The property has extensive field and boundary fencing as well as underground utilities, pivots, pumps and motors.


The Muddy Creek Farm and Ranch offers a solid irrigated farm operation with the capability for a livestock operation. The farm is an excellent candidate for a winter feed operation or simply as a cash commodity farm producing alfalfa hay and grain. The ability to handle livestock is a positive and provides operational flexibility and enhancement. The improvements are excellent and adequate to attract and maintain management and labor. The recreation potential is another plus with deer, antelope, pheasants, doves and sand hill cranes along with small game and raptors affording natural beauty and hunting opportunities.