Mason & Morse Ranch Company owner and broker associate John Stratman was featured in during an interview with KOTA while at The Black Hills Stock Show. View Interview Here. 

The Black Hills Stock Show is an annual event held in Rapid City, South Dakota, and takes place in late January. It is known for showcasing various aspects of the livestock industry, including cattle exhibitions, rodeo events, and other agricultural activities. The Black Hills Stock Show provides a platform for ranchers, breeders, and other professionals in the agricultural sector to exhibit and sell their livestock, particularly cattle. The event attracts participants and visitors from the region and beyond, serving as a hub for networking, business transactions, and promoting awareness of the livestock industry.

In addition to the livestock exhibitions, the Black Hills Stock Show often features a rodeo, where participants showcase their skills in various rodeo events, such as bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. The event may also include educational seminars, trade shows, and entertainment options for attendees.