Lemons or Lemonade? Opportunities Buying Land and Self Directed IRA's

Written by Kem Winternitz, ALC

You know the old adage “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. I guess clichés are clichés for a reason, they really make sense!

In this current time of uncertainty, I think we need to be asking ourselves how to make this new normal work for us instead of against us. There are always opportunities for positives and profits when there is an influx of something new into our daily lives.
So, a couple of points below that I will elaborate on specific to real estate and my own investments as a professional Land Broker and Accredited Land Consultant.
Consider buying land, a recreational retreat or a home in the country for yourself to hold for personal use or to improve as an investment when you are ready to sell. 

A variety of land and recreational properties for sale can be owned without a lot of additional expense. Land is an appreciating asset when purchased right and you can use it for living, working, hobbies and recreation during your ownership.

Equities and liquid assets from the stock market can be converted into self-directed IRAs comprised of Real Estate.
“I am confident over time rural properties are positives. I’m buying a remote vacant piece of land myself right now and will turn it into profit. I will use it and enjoy its Colorado scenic beauty and recreation aspects too.”
The property for sale was four acres in Teller County, central Colorado, west of Colorado Springs, by Florissant.  It is near the Fossil Beds National Monument and Cripple Creek, Colorado It’s close enough to get to, but far enough out and large enough to engender the different approaches and lifestyle changes of “social distancing”

While nobody can expect to be bulletproof in these days of economic uncertainty, this area of Colorado experienced a market of pent up demand and with the drop in interest rates, I believe, as a professional land broker, the outlook for rural real estate, land and ranches in outlying areas remains a positive investment for my own money.
I have worked with buyers and sellers who have held property in self directed IRAs and I believe today’s stock market volatility will make them more desirable in the immediate future.
A growing number of retirement savers are moving their investments from traditional IRAs to the self-directed variety that allows them to invest in real estate, precious metals, notes and other options through a custodian.

Contact me. I’m here to share my experience with you - Kem Winternitz, ALC