Brewster Farm

Goodland , Kansas | Sherman County | 4960 Acres

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Located in western Kansas in Sherman County. This farm comprising some of the finest non-irrigated cropland in western Kansas, the farm consists of 4,960+/- acres with excellent soils producing high-value crops, including corn, wheat, milo, sunflowers and others. The soils are highly productive with a capability rating of predominately Class 1 and 2. The location is widely sought after, and many top quality farmers compete for land and tenant leases in the area.

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This farm is located southwest of Goodland, Kansas on Road 57 (east, west) and cross road 33 (north south) in Sherman County. Please contact listing broker for further information on the legal description, location and showing instructions.


There are 4960 +/- acres. This farm consist of 4438 acres of non-irrigated farmland with the remainder 552 acres consisting of CRP.

Expiring over the next crop year is a $50/acre cash lease. Going forward, a 5% cash lease based on purchase price can be negotiated with the current owner who will contract with the purchaser to farm the cropland.


The soils are very uniform and primarily Class 1 and 2, with the majority of this farm consisting of Keith silt loam, Ulysses silt loam and Colby silt loam soils. Please see the attached soils plat.


This is a highly productive area with many avenues of grain to choose from. Common crops grown range from corn, wheat, milo, hay and sunflowers. With markets for all of the commodities in very close proximity, marketing the production is very reliable and efficient.

IMPROVEMENTS No improvements


The wildlife in this area range from pheasants, whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope and coyotes.


The Kansas Cropland is a highly productive farm. The seller is willing to enter into a long term-leaseback, making it perfect for an investor who desires a reasonable rate of return backed by a deed to quality farmland. Long term appreciation of farmland has a defined trend line – sloping upward to the left. A risk consideration involves irrigation water declines in certain large farming areas thereby creating un-quantified risk; dry land crop production lacks that risk, making it a safer bet. While slightly less cash return is generated, depreciation of equipment and depletion of water aquifers do not have to be quantified and accounted for thereby justifying the risk/return ratio. Modern farming practices like “no-till”, “one trip”, “chem-fallow”, etc. have been a boon to farming and particularly to the good producing areas by lowering input costs along with improved production. An opportunity to purchase a choice, contiguous property in this area is a rare opportunity.


Based on availability/ownership by current seller - Negotiable.

TAXES: $8,400 (Sherman County Treasurer Statement)