As lead Auctioneer for Mason & Morse Ranch Company (MMRC) and President of United Country Auction Services (UCRE), Shawn Terrel, will provide auction services, leadership, strategic planning, management and program enhancements for Mason & Morse Ranch Company and UCRE network of Auctioneers across the U.S.

Over the past decade, Shawn has successfully helped architect, develop, innovate and provide direction for what is now the largest national auction real estate team in the United States. Recognized as a leader in auction technology and marketing, Shawn has successfully launched dynamic auction office and auctioneer websites, a leading online auction platform, enhanced auction marketing services, auction service support and training and full integration within traditional real estate brokerages. His UCRE auction services team supports more than 300 individual auctioneers and nearly 500 franchise offices across the U.S., as well as Mexico and Central America. His efforts have played a significant role in the auction services provided by Mason & Morse Ranch Company and the UCRE division representing over 20% of the annual sales within the $6 Billion United network.

“As lead auctioneer for Mason & Morse Ranch Company, Shawn Terrel is one of the most experienced and successful auction professionals across the country.  He is a leader among auction professionals. Mason & Morse Ranch Company clients are in very good hands when considering an auction as type of sales process for their real estate sales transaction”, said Bart Miller, Managing Broker, Mason & Morse Ranch Company.

Shawn has professionally served on the board of directors at the National Auctioneers Association, is a multiple State Champion auctioneer, is an instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University, has trained hundreds of auction classes, and is a nationally recognized real estate and asset auctioneer. His experience consisting of over 2,500 auctions ranging from real estate, personal assets, livestock, oil and gas and numerous charities has contributed a wealth of knowledge to both UCRE and Mason & Morse Ranch Company.

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Shawn Terrel
Lead Auctioneer Mason & Morse Ranch Company
President United Country Real Estate Auction Services
[email protected]
Ph: 877-207-9700