The auction method is one of the oldest forms of transferring property from one party to another, however what do you do when there is “too much property” for the available buying audience in a given market? For example, what if the auction consists of several thousand acres which will command a high enough price point that it takes the opportunity out of reach for most interested buyers in that area. How do you increase demand?

With this scenario in mind the Multi-Parcel Auction Program was developed and has solved an incredible issue for many land owners that want to sell their property, but also wish to maximize the value of the land being offered. The multi-parcel auction method allows property to be offered in defined individual tracts which are most appealing to the majority of potential buyers in a given marketplace. The bidders can participate on an individual tract, a combination of multiple tracts or the entire property being offered at auction. This process allows “everyone” to participate in the auction event at a level they are comfortable and can afford.

The October 1 Auction of 3,728 +/- acres by the Mason & Morse Ranch Company team presents the ranch in two (2) individual tracts. East Tract #1 (2,036 +/- acres) and West Tract #2 (1,692+/- acres).

Open bidding on both tracts. The auction will finish by simultaneously closing both travts so bidders can bid on one or both of the individual tracts to meet their needs.

For more information regarding farm ranch land auction services contact:

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