Ranch Land Report: Summer 2023

June 1, 2023 - "In our previous article date June 2022, we commented on the Federal Reserve’s inflation report. The annual inflation rate for the United States last June of 2022 was 9.1%, which now looks like a peak. The Federal Reserve remained consistent with its aggressive and “Hawkish” approach in raising interest. As of today, the inflation rate is close to 6%. As we navigate through 2023, the conversation about rising inflation is now turning towards recession talks, when, how deep and how long? Throughout last year, the Ranch Company’s sales transaction count was lower as compared to previous years, but sales volume remained high. Buyer demand remained strong for quality farms, land and ranching assets. The lack of inventory on the market added to supply issues pushing the pricing trend higher. The stock market remains highly volatile and for the most part an unknown. Many investors have put stocks into cash and continue to re-allocate to hard assets like farms, land, and ranches."   Read more...



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