Ranch Land Report: Spring 2006

May 18th, 2006 - "Today there are more private homes than ever located in our rural areas. Residents share a love for the open spaces they live in, open spaces often made up of intermingled public lands and 100-year old family ranches. These areas provide wildlife habitat, access for recreation, scenic views and economic stability. But they also present a variety of challenges, often much different than those experienced by city-dwellers. For new residents and ranchers alike, one of these challengesis to understand and accommodate each other’s needs with regard to livestock. Colorado has traditionally been an “Open Range or “fence out” state. This means the landowners who prefer not to have livestock on their property are responsible for fencing them out. But with this responsibility also come certain rights and many questions."   Read more...

 May 18th, 2006  Ranch Farm Spring Real Estate Newsletter


May 18th 2006  - Ranch Farm Real Estate Market News