Ranch Land Report: Fall 2007

September 9th, 2007 - "We see a continuing trend of population growth in the west as well as an overwhelming desire of so many people to own a “piece of the West”, which will keep interest levels high for western ranches. The economy continues to be quite stable, despite the setbacks from the recent “credit crunch” created by the sub-prime mortgage market meltdown and the slow down in the residential market. The slow down in 1031 exchanges will be replaced by increased foreign investment due to the devaluation of the dollar. In addition, the combination of retirements, equity transfers via inheritances, foreign investment and American capitalism will continue to provide demand for all types of ranches and agricultural properties. The supply seems to renew itself through usual means: retirements, death and marginal economics, however, lifestyle changes are also bringing properties on the market.."   Read more...

 September 9th, 2007  Ranch Farm Spring Real Estate Newsletter


September 9th, 2007 - Ranch Farm Real Estate Market News