Ranch Land Report: Spring 2021

March 20th, 2021 - "Market Report – Last Spring we reported that the COVID-19 pandemic would create hardships and opportunities in the real estate market. What we didn’t know is how pronounced those hardships and opportunities would be. We have seen the residential marketplace boom in big cities and small towns throughout the middle part of the country. Anything with a “Roof on it” in the rural market has seen strong interest this summer and fall. Likewise, the mountain resort areas have also boomed as people both vacationed and relocated to these attractive locations, in so that traffic jams and overcrowding have become evident in many of the resort markets. The land, farm and ranch markets have been much less impacted by the rush to move away from the high-density cities, but nonetheless have been active."   Read more...



 Spring 2021 Ranch Farm Spring Real Estate Newsletter


 Spring 2021 - Ranch Farm Real Estate Market News